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Coach Regier Reaches 100 Career Wins

Friday, 12.06.2013 / 7:36 pm / Jamie Council, MSU Staff

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Head Coach Reaches 100 Win Plateau in Just Fourth Season Behind Bench

Minot, N.D. — Head coach Wade Regier received his 100th win as head coach for the Minot State University Beaver Hockey program last night in the Beaver’s 5-1 victory over the University of Colorado. This is Regier’s fourth year serving as head coach and his total record for that time is 100-16-7 with a win percentage of .862.

“I totally didn’t even know,” Regier said. “It’s an exciting accomplishment. It’s sediment of where our program has become.”

Regier was at an 85-12-6 record at the end of the 2012-13 season, so the 11 season wins plus the four Briercrest games in the official pre-season puts the win column at 100. His career as head coach has been a thrilling time in the Beaver Program. MSU secured its first ever national championship last March under Regier in the program’s 17th year of existence, and Regier received ACHA Coach of the Year honors for the 2012-13 championship season.

“I’m proud of him to where he’s taken this program to now,” assistant coach Danny Urban said. “Not every coach gets to experience 100 wins, especially in that short of a time span.”

Regier took over as head coach in 2010 when Sheldon Schneider decided to step down. After graduating, Regier served under Sheldon as assistant coach for two years before diving into the head coach position at just 27 years old.

“I had players I played with on my roster,” Regier said. “I was very fortunate.”

Age has worked in Regier’s favor here at MSU. He considers himself a “player’s player” and can relate to most situations any player might be going through because he is so closely removed himself. He also coaches with vigor of a player that allows most players to feed off his positive energy.

“He’s only 6 years removed from playing,” assistant captain Brad Olynyk said, “so he can relate in all aspects, both on and off the ice. He’s a very excitable guy. He gets fired up and that’s really good to see out of a coach. He’s just as excited if not more excited while winning hockey games and trying to play hockey the right way as you are.”

While Regier has served as the head coach for four years, he has been a piece to the program for a decade from player to the transition of assistant coach to head coach. He suited up for the Beavers from 2004-2008 serving as assistant captain, receiving MVP honors, and earning a selection to the inaugural ACHA All-Star Game in 2008 for pacing the Beavers in scoring for the second year in a row.

Regier’s leadership and outgoing personality carried from the ice to the student body. Regier served as a senator for the College of Business for a semester, Director of Intramurals for over a year, and President of SGA for over a year. During his time as the SGA president, Regier updated student fees to ensure the future of certain programs, helped with the restructuring process of the administration, and was president the move of the SGA office to the central location in the Beaver Dam of the Student Center.

“I had a great time and learned lots of life lessons,” Regier said of his time as a player and student.

After graduating in 2008 with a double major in Business and Marketing, Regier decided to linger in Minot.

“Truth be told, the real reason I stayed down here is that I chased a girl, my wife.”

Regier took a job with MSU Enrollment Services and decided to volunteer as assistant coach for the Beaver Hockey Program, but it took just one year for Wade to discover his calling.

“After that, I knew I wanted hockey in my future,” Regier said. “I never would have thought I’d be this involved in hockey after my senior year of playing. When Sheldon decided to step aside my second year, I knew I wanted this opportunity to be the head coach and I kind of ran with it.”

Regier is involved with more than just Minot State University and the Beaver Hockey Program. He makes a point to be an active part of the community being involved in coaching, Minot Hockey Boosters, and many other youth programs. Even though he is a native of Saskatoon, Sask., Minot is now Regier’s home.

“I love living in Minot. I absolutely love living here. I got a brand new house that we are living in. It’s interesting how life takes a turn for you, but it’s certainly been an exciting time.”

The community has been supportive in return, but his wife Ashley, a local kindergarten teacher, is his biggest support system.

“She is my better half,” Regier said. “I am very fortunate to have an understanding, supportive wife that has a grasp on the time commitment of hockey.”

Looking beyond the community involvement, directly into what makes Regier’s coaching style so successful, one just has to look at two things: the program and players. Regier and other operational staff work hard to ensure the best environment is created for the players while Regier’s niche at recruiting takes care of the other half.

“As a coach, you’re only as good as your players and program,” Regier said. “[This 100 wins] is an appreciation for our guys. I’ve been lucky enough to coach some talented players and overall great character men. It’s a total program effort.”

One of the many players Regier has coached that fit into that category is senior goaltender Wyatt Waselenchuk who received ACHA Player of the Year honors for the 2012-13 season. Waselenchuk has been with Regier all four years of his college career.

“He’s everything to our program,” said Waselenchuk. “He is the reason we are everything we are today. I’m incredibly honored to play with him.”

With that being said, the Beavers are coming off the 100th win in the middle of a Colorado road trip. Minot State is ranked #5 in the most current ACHA rankings. Tonight the Beavers take on the #25 Colorado State Rams. MSU swept the Rams earlier in the year on the home ice of the Maysa Arena.

“We had a really good game last night, but Colorado State is a better team,” Regier said. “They are a young, hardworking team, so we can’t sit back. We have to be ready at puck drop.”

The puck drops at 9:15 central time. Follow the action on Facebook, Twitter, or watch the game live on

Jamie Council
Media Relations Intern
Minot State Hockey